Online Gambling Laws in Europe

Although one might expect it to be general legislation regarding online gambling across Europe, this is not really the case. Although the European Gaming and Betting Association, which does online gambling for casinos, sports betting, Bitcoin Casino and online poker all over Europe in some way, each European country has its own laws that also regulate in factor.

Europe is unique due to the fact that it is home to a number of online gambling jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta and Alderney. Some are subject to the rules and regulations of the European Union, but some of them are independent. Each jurisdiction is responsible for approving the licensing for gaming sites that is required for the sites to legally offer their services. The operators are also regulated by these countries.


Germany’s gambling laws are quite complex. In 2008, unlike in the case of horse racing, there were laws that banned all online betting and gambling, which was not offered by the state. Gambling laws were made more liberal in 2010, but then changed again in 2013, however all gambling operators licenses previously issued in fact are still issued until 2018, you can see a list of the legal online casinos at There may come more legislative changes in the future if it is found that online gambling in Germany is still essentially operated as a monopoly.


In France, online gambling is regulated by ARJEL. In 2010, there were three types of online gambling officially legalised… poker, horse betting and sports betting. But also other than poker, casino games are not allowed in France, because of the general opinion that they are addicted too.


Gambling laws in general are fairly liberal in Italy. In 2006, a law was introduced that allows companies to provide sports betting on the Internet. In 2011, legislation was changed to allow the addition of casino games and poker through licencing arrangements. Today, players in Italy have a good selection of online gambling games to choose from which can be viewed at


Gambling laws in Spain have changed a few times in recent years. Currently residents of Spain are legally allowed to play in the country and betting is permitted at any place. Poker, betting and other forms of gambling are available through Spanish online sites that are regulated through licencing by the Spanish government.


Poker, card games, slot machines and sports betting are legal in casinos however the market is strictly regulated by the Austrian government. The government makes a clear distinction between “Kleines Glüksspiel” which includes low stake bets and what it determines to be “proper gambling”. Online casinos are permitted in Austria however they are subject to licencing laws, lists online casinos that have a licence to operate in Austria.


As Greece struggles to get its economic and financial house back to get back, the gambling industry within the country will show some signs of growth. Online gambling is currently considered in Greece as a way to increase income and help the country meet financial commitments. A few years ago, the government gave 24 temporary online gaming operators licenses at the time, but then revoked them a year later. However, the current government plans seem ready to reinstate these online operators licenses. It seems that many changes on the horizon regarding online gambling in Greece.

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